Biobank1 was established in 2002 as a joint project between NTNU and the Mid-Norway Regional Health Authority. For research purposes, Biobank1 stores data and biological samples from patients admitted to hospitals in Mid-Norway. Human biological material is defined as organs, parts of organs, cells and tissues, and components of such material from living and dead people (in section 4 of the Health Research Act).


Our vision is to make research easier and to create new opportunities for researchers. Our overall goal is to become a leading biobank for researchers employed at colleges, universities and health authorities in Mid-Norway. By making available human biological samples through Biobank1, the quality of research increases. Thereby, better diagnoses and treatments of diseases can be developed over time. We strive to have a short and simple application process so that researchers can access the services of Biobank1 quickly and easily. In this way, we want to help to lower the bureaucratic threshold at the beginning of new research projects.


The overall management responsibility for the biological material lies at the Mid-Norway Regional Health Authority. Whoever has collected material will have preferential rights to use it, but is also obliged to give others access to the material if this is not at the expense of planned research projects (as in line with the Health Research Act provision).



Quality assurance of data and biological material


Biobank1 is responsible for establishing and maintaining security systems that allow for properly and adequately secured confidential health data - in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, approval from the Directorate of Health and permission issued by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. Biobank1 has prepared a comprehensive security program for safeguarding information quality and security.


The database solution and client software of Biobank1 satisfies all the requirements of public authorities, particularly the requirements for data security and personal data protection. Biobank1 uses technology and software solutions that guarantee that sensitive personal information will not be in the hands of unauthorized persons. Sensitive personal information is recorded in dedicated information systems within the health network and with strictly controlled access from external networks.