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Research laboratory


Biobank1 have research laboratories in the 4th floor east at the Laboratory Center at St Olavs Hospital. Here, we initiate activities directed towards research with the main focus on molecular genetic analyzes. We have equipment for semi-automatic isolation and quality assessment of RNA/DNA, and instruments for PCR, TMA (tissue arrays) and ISH (in situ hybridization).


RNA/(DNA) isolation

We have long experience isolating RNA from cells and tissue. We have prepared a teqhnique for the automation, standardization and quality assessment of RNA and DNA isolation. PreCellys is the instrument we use for homogenization, while we use Qiacube (Qiagen) for isolation. The kits we use are from Qiagen. For quality control we use Nanodrop and Bioanalyzer. NanoDrop is a spectrophotometry-based instrument that measures the concentration of RNA/DNA as well as the purity of chemicals and proteins. Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer is the industry standard for quality assessment of RNA samples. The quality is specified in RIN score as a measure of RNA fragmentation, with RIN 10 being the best and RIN 1 referring to completely degraded material. The Bioanalyzer can also be used for gel electrophoresis of DNA. This technology makes use of capillary electrophoresis in order to simplify and speed up the implementation of DNA analysis.

We can, in periods of availability, offer RNA-isolation small scale included quality control. It is required that all reagents and kits being used for RNA/DNA isolation are compatible with Qiacube (Qiagen). The price will depend on pretreatment and the number of samples, and need to be discussed. The time for implementation of new projects will depend on our capacity at the research laboratory.









PCR - Polymerase Chain Reacion

PCR is another analysis we run at our Laboratory, essentially to investigate gene expression.  One Step PCR machine from Applied Biosystems is the instrument we use to run the RT-PCR . This instrument can be used for all types of PCR genotyping studies, and for absolute quantification as well as semi-quantification of DNA or cDNA.











ISH - in sity hybridization

We have established a method for detecting miRNA in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue using “in situ hybridization”. The procedure is extensive and demanding, but gives us the opportunity to study the distribution of selected miRNA in different types of cells.

TMA - tissue microarray

TMA stands for "tissue microarray". This technique combines several samples from paraffin-embedded material into one new paraffin block - a tissue microarray. This is very cost- and time efficient when performing further analysis on these samples, for example immunohistochemical analysis. Our TMA machine from the category Galileo is semi-automatic and can withdraw cylinders from both small and large tissue blocks.




Biobanking at the Department of pathology

In total, Biobank1 has filled up a 100% position at the Department of pathology - St Olavs Hospital, used for withdrawals of fresh tissue for research.

You can se how we biobank fresh frozen tissue from total prostatctomies here:

Link to YouTube.



Biobanking at the Department of medical biochemistry

In total, Biobank1 has filled up a 100% position at the Department of Medical Biochemistry - St Olavs Hospital, used for blood sampling and handling, registration and storage of blood/blood fractions and other body fluids.