Cognition after stroke (CAST)

Cognition after stroke (CAST): a 6-7 year follow up after first-ever stroke in a population without pre-existing cognitive impairment

Over 55,000 Norwegians have had a stroke. Many of them have cognitive symptoms like memory loss, language impairment and difficulty in carrying out practical tasks. Some are also demented. This study aims to identify the frequency and cause mechanisms of cognitive changes after stroke and to develop a method for the early-identification of patients at risk. The importance of physical activity will be examined as well as the compliance with preventive medical therapy and lifestyle advice. Up to 1,000 patients with acute stroke from five different hospitals will be included. At 3 and 18 months, they will be examined in terms of mental and physical function. MRI scans of the brain and blood samples will be taken. Knowledge gained from this study will enable us to provide better treatment for stroke patients and improve the planning of healthcare in the future. Knowledge from this study provides a good basis for further research on prevention and treatment of cognitive changes after stroke.


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8. May 2018