Human biological material

Biobank1 have continuous collections of material for research, integrated hospital-logistics. The material is based consent and collected no additional risk to the patient. With dedicated Biobank personnel in different wards, clinics and laboratories ensures Biobank1 that collections takes place after standardized protocols - ensuring high quality of the material.


In the thematic collections, we want to offer prime research material for new projects!






Are you considering using human biological material  in your research? Do you need help to implement your project, or guidance on collecting new material? Our advisers will help you.


Our services includes:

  • Consultation concerning application for REK and drafting of consent form.
  • Consultation regarding collecting and use of biological material
  • Training in Biobank1’s database
  • Procedures for collecting tissue and blood 




Data storage system

If you are part of a research project you get access to the sample collection through the Biobank1 datasystem: BioByte.


BioByte is used for:

  • Storing and tracking of samples and related information
  • Barcoding samples
  • Pseudonymization of sensitive data
  • Requesting available samples
  • Storage of clinical data and analysis results
  • Documentation 


BioByte is web based and can be used from any computer, anywhere in the world. In this way, you will at any time have an overview of the sample collection, where it is located, and what the samples are used for. The system pseudonymise sensitive data and creates sample IDs automatically. We recommend all projects to use BioByte as a tool throughout the process; from the collection, storage, use and return of analytical results.


Storage of -80 degrees with temperature logging



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Laboratory services

We have personell in several departments that contribute to the collection of human biological material in a seamless manner, in accordance with our procedures.

We may at times of availability provide a range of services in our research Laboratory.

Read more about our services under Laboratory and please contact us if you have any questions.

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