Common for these collections is that they include material and information from patients who have consented
to research to prevent disease and to improve diagnosis and treatment within diseases related to a thematic field.

This research biobank will contribute to increased research on cancer in the health region by ensuring the collection of biological samples from cancer patients. The purpose is to increase knowledge about the causes and mechanisms of cancer in order to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


This biobank is an assembly of various collections from patients undergoing physical examination or treatment for cancer. The groups of patients included in the Research biobank for cancer suffer from one or more of these types of cancer: kidney, prostate, bladder, colorectal, lung, testicular, lymphoma, pancreatic, myeloma and leukaemia.


A steering group will manage the use of the material, after considering the scientific strength of research projects addressing the use.

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Haakon Skogseth



The Central Norway Regional Health Authority



The Central Norway Regional Health Authority & St. Olavs Hospital HF



2017 →


Number of donors

4500 (pr. 01.01.2017)


Sample type 


Serum, EDTA-plasma, buffycoat, whole blood




Surgical clinic, Cancer clinic, Medical clinic, Medical Laboratory clinic (all St. Olavs Hospital HF)